A 25-year-old chronic cannabis user lashed out after being refused money for drugs by his parents, Skipton magistrates heard on Friday.

Sean Brown, from Glusburn, had used cannabis for ten years, and his addiction had become a real problem in the past five.

He had not worked for three years, but when he was, he had spent up to £200 per week on cannabis. Now in receipt of benefits, he spent up to £40 every week.

After repeatedly being refused money by his parents on February 14, he caused damage to a digital television box, chest of drawers and Playstation disc costing £80 to repair. He had then left his parents’ house in Beanlands Place and damaged his father’s car to the tune of £110.

His father, Iain Brown, was not seeking compensation, but had gone to the police in the hope his son would receive the help he desperately needed.

Brown, who admitted two counts of criminal damage, had placed his parents in a terrible dilemma because of his addiction, the court was told.

In mitigation, John Mewies said since being arrested, and as a condition of his bail, Brown had been living away from his parents, which he had found very difficult.

Magistrates urged Brown to attend a drugs help group. They also ordered him to pay a total of £175.