Villagers are stepping up their fight for action over a housing development they say is creating misery for neighbouring residents.

People living close to the 82-home scheme in Crack Lane, Wilsden, say their lives have become a nightmare.

Water and sewage is flooding into gardens and driveways, the road is constantly caked in mud, vehicles accessing the site are creating a traffic nightmare and work is taking place outside permitted hours, it is claimed.

Now district councillors have added their voices to calls for urgent measures to resolve the situation.

Coun Mike Ellis, whose Bingley Rural ward includes the Harron Homes site, said: “I have had more complaints about this than I’ve received about any other issue during all my time on the council – my ward colleagues and I have been inundated.

“And because the problems have dragged on for so long, some residents are now submitting repeat complaints.

“Little is seen to be being done and people are becoming weary and annoyed that this is the case.

“I am pressing for something to happen quickly and am organising for relevant officials to meet us all to that end.”

Wilsden Parish Council chairman Jane Callaghan said one of the main concerns was the volume of water coming from the site.

“Whenever it rains heavily you get a lot of run-off,” she said.

“We don’t know where precisely it’s coming from but it’s getting into the combined sewer and causing flooding.”

She added: “People are frustrated. They feel nothing’s being resolved.”

Other issues include traffic congestion caused by site-related vehicles.

“It is a public road – so you can’t stop people parking on it – but it is very narrow and vehicles are parking there when they are unable to get on to the site,” said Coun Callaghan.

Bradford Council pledges it will try to address the concerns. A spokesman told us: “Officers will meet ward councillors to try and resolve any issues arising from the housing development and deal with any problems residents are experiencing.”

Harron Homes gained permission for the development last April, despite strong opposition.

Alan Cadman, the company's construction director, said this week: “We are sorry to hear that residents living close to our Wilsden development are experiencing some disruption.

"We’d like to reassure them that we have a number of measures in place for keeping the roads clean, including weekly road sweeping by machine and daily manual sweeping. We have also installed a drainage grid at the entrance to the site which prevents water and silt running off onto Crack Lane.

“Additionally the development does have planning consent for weekend working between the hours of 8am and 1pm and on the occasion we needed to extend these hours to 4pm, permission was sought through the correct channels and residents were informed in advance by letter.

“We have adequate parking for our site staff and will remind them to avoid parking on Crack Lane.”