A new gardening group in Bracken Bank is blossoming after just one meeting.

More than a dozen adults and three under-fives attended the inaugural gathering at the Sue Belcher Community Centre.

Horticultural expert Pippa Chapman showed members how to grow their own food as part of the Let’s Grow Keighley project.

They spoke about the Fields of Vision idea, which involves planting coloured grass to celebrate the Tour de France.

Group members were also interested in the Red Carpet project, which involves growing millions of poppies to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

Sue Belcher Centre worker Pip Gibson said she shared the excitement of the members at getting involved in so many community projects.

She said: “Quite a lot of them are keen gardeners and one has an allotment. They talked about passing skills from the older to the younger generations.”

Pip said there were also plans to develop land around the Sue Belcher Centre with herb beds, flowerbeds, raised areas and a wildflower meadow.

Anyone wanting to join, or donate tools, compost, pots or seeds, should contact Pip on (01535) 667221.