A successful campaign to save public toilets in Haworth reignited discontent over failure to save those in neighbouring Oxenhope.

A leaflet delivered to homes in Oxenhope, highlighting the efforts of Conservatives to retain the threatened Haworth Central Park loos, sparked an exasperated response from Oxenhope parish councillors.

At their meeting last Wednesday they accused Worth Valley district Conservative councillor Glen Miller, who was present as a guest speaker, of double standards.

Chairman Coun Neal Cameron told him: “Your intention was always to get the Oxenhope toilets closed. We made it very clear that we wished to run these toilets ourselves but you’ve never been very constructive in helping us do this.

“This was a building that was ready to use and you didn’t support us once.”

Coun Miller said the toilets in Lowertown, which were sold to a private buyer in 2011 and have since been demolished, had been little used, costly to maintain and attracted anti-social behaviour.

Responding to Coun Cameron, he said: “My job is to represent everybody and I do not have to agree with you.

“We can keep talking about this till the cows come home but you obviously didn’t do enough to make your intentions for the toilets clear.

“I’m not here to mollycoddle you and tell you everything and I’m not here to do your job.” Before it was sold and knocked down, Oxenhope’s parish councillors had been pushing for the disused Bradford Council toilet block to be re-opened.

At the meeting last week, Coun Cameron said he was extremely frustrated so much had been done to help Haworth people keep their public toilets when he and his colleagues received no backing to save Oxenhope’s loos.

“The irony does grate,” he added. “The fact that Oxenhope’s toilets were badly managed by Bradford did not make them a bad facility.

“The anti-social behaviour issue had been resolved and we’d applied to take these toilets on.”

He and Coun Reg Hindley argued that those members of the public who wanted the toilet block closed down were a tiny minority.

But Coun Miller said: “There were enough people saying that they didn’t want these toilets. I did my duty as a district councillor.

“You had enough notice that they were being closed but you didn’t follow through.

“If you think you’ve been wronged you should write to Bradford Council and ask for a full review of what went wrong.”