Do you recognise the unknown soldier in this picture?

Keighley people could provide the key to the identity of this squaddie from the last century.

The photograph, which has no name, or details, was found tucked into a Bible owned by former Keighley woman Mary Gibson.

Mary’s father was a doctor in Beechcliffe.

The woman’s son, Michael Gibson, from Cheltenham, found it in a box of her memorabilia after she died.

Mr Gibson said: “The photograph was slotted into a dog-eared children’s Bible, which was given to her on her tenth birthday in 1912.

“She obviously used it collect various snippets of things which were of interest, recording quite a few historical events of the 20th century.”

Mr Gibson said his mother lived in Keighley from 1902 until 1995.

He was brought up in Keighley, and left in the 1960s.

He said: “I’m fairly certain the soldier was not from her immediate family but perhaps it might be a family friend.

“I strongly suspect that the young lad was from Keighley or the immediate area.”

Mr Gibson wants to give the picture to a surviving member of the soldier’s family, if they can be found.

Anyone with information about the man’s identity should contact David Knights at the Keighley News on (01535) 606611, extension 3.