Parish councillors are demanding more information about planned road closures when the Tour de France comes to Keighley.

Councillors in Silsden, Haworth and Oxenhope believe Bradford Council has not provided enough detail for residents and businesses to make plans.

They have generally welcomed this month’s initial announcement but say more information is needed as soon as possible.

City Hall last week warned local people that there would be “serious disruption” on race day, Sunday, July 6.

It said that all the roads on the race route, along with connecting roads, would be closed for at least eight hours from “very early” in the morning.

But the council did not give times, and could not say how much of each connecting road would be affected.

The council also revealed some plans for associated issues such as emergency services, car parking, pedestrian access and public transport.

Chris Atkinson, chairman of Silsden Town Council, said people needed to know specific times so they could plan how they could get to work.

He said: “A lot of people in Silsden work at Airedale Hospital. Bradford Council should know everything by now – we’re into March.

“Getting information has been poor ever since the Tour de France was first mooted.”

John Huxley, chairman of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, said he was unsure why the Council could not yet give more details.

He said: “People obviously have lives to lead and it won’t stop because of the cycle race.

“Villagers need to know how to get in and out. Will there be public transport into the village? What happens if someone is having a baby?”

Tony Maw, vice-chairman of Oxenhope Parish Council, hoped that last week’s announcement had made residents think about how much the village would be affected on July 6.

He added: “Obviously there’s more work to be done for people to know what the full impact will be.

“People in Oxenhope are already used to roads being closed for the Straw Race, but it’s not all the same roads.”