Haworth sculptor Craig Dyson has launched an online appeal to fund his ambitious Tour de France artwork.

He has already raised £1,500 from supporters of his plans to weld 10,000 two-pence pieces into a massive sphere.

Craig hopes to attract a total of £15,000 before April 9 by appealing to the “global community” through the website kickstarter.com.

The Keighley News last week told how he was also asking local people to donate 2p coins as raw material for his planned two-metre-diameter sphere. Craig, who has a workshop in Haworth, is now looking for a potential site in Haworth where the sculpture can be placed.

He said: “If I succeed in getting the funding, then without a doubt it will be on show for the Tour de France.

“I would hope to have a permanent setting too. The beauty of sculpture is that you can always find somewhere to display it.”

Craig’s preferred site is at the bottom of Main Street.

Two-pence pieces can be taken to Craig’s workshop at Railside Studios in Belle Isle Road.