A Cononley man will be at the centre of crowd control arrangements when the Tour de France arrives in North Yorkshire this summer.

Villager Graham Jagger will work with Mark Sandamas, director of Pennine Events, on event and crowd management for the whole of the county.

Pennine Events will also carry out non-race risk assessments, provide expert advice and give an oversight into the overall planning and process in the run-up to the race, which is due to pass through Craven on July 5 and 6.

Mr Jagger said: “We pride ourselves on ensuring that our staff and freelancers are qualified for the jobs they are doing and when we choose them for a role it is because they have the qualifications and experience to do it to the very high standard required.

“We have already been out on the route several times and before the end of the project we will have looked at every potential hazard point, crowd congregation area and narrow lane.

“Our recommendations will then be drawn up to ensure that spectators, road users and general public are kept safe as the professional cyclists use our roads for this magnificent event.”