School pupils raised £300 for charities helping people with cancer by staging a lunchtime “Asian bazaar” event.

The occasion was arranged by members of South Craven School’s year 10 student committee.

They were assisted by teacher Sultan Mahmood and sixth former Humera Shabir.

A school spokesman explained: “The hope was that the enterprise would help to teach students about cultural diversity and promote the understanding of other cultures.

“This is an important idea in today’s world and in our school, where there are many students from different ethnic groups.

“With this in mind, the hall was filled with stalls, attended by students from years 10 and 13 from different ethnic backgrounds.

“Those selling curries, samosas, pakoras and kebabs attracted many takers!

“Other stalls offered henna painting by Sundus Hussain and Mariam Pervez, and there was an opportunity to try wearing a hijab and headscarves.

“The whole enterprise was very successful, and hopefully has got people thinking about cultures other than their own.”