The quality of road resurfacing work in Haworth ahead of the Tour de France has come under fire from councillors.

District councillor Rebecca Poulsen said asphalt laid down in Changegate on Friday had covered up patches where the street’s historic setts had still been visible.

She added that as the asphalt had been placed over the existing surface, it is now higher than the pavement in some places.

“I’ve been contacted by a lady who lives on this street, who is really worried about flooding,” she added. “There’s now nowhere else for the water to drain except into her property.

“Normally, they would remove the old road surface first then resurface it properly – not just put another layer right on top.”

Worth Valley ward councillor Glen Miller said: “The work appears to be below standard, which means I’m concerned this will end up costing further money in the long-run.”

Both Coun Poulsen and Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council chairman Coun John Huxley also hit out at the work done to fill in potholes in Brow Road.

They said this had been done so “shoddily”, the steep road is now even bumpier than before.

“I’ve never before seen such an atrocious job in my life,” said Coun Poulsen.

Coun Huxley said the quality of the re-surfacing on Brow Road was “appalling”.

He added: “These potholes needed doing, and I accept there are budgetary constraints, but I can’t believe how badly this has been done. It looks like they’ve just poured the material in and not rolled it.”

Responding to the complaints about Changegate, a Bradford Council Highways spokesman said: “The work has been carried out in preparation for the Tour de France, so the roads are in a suitable condition for the event.

“We have used micro asphalt, which needs a few weeks to bed in. We will also be giving it another sweep soon. After that, it will look much better.

“The only setts in Changegate are those underneath the old tarmacadam road surface. It may be some of these were visible because the road had failed in areas and had exposed what was underneath.

“We do not have any concerns about flooding where the asphalt is reported to be higher than the pavement, but will look into this.

“Regarding potholes in Brow Road, we are hoping to resurface this in the coming financial year.”