The first of two re-submitted planning applications to build 46 homes in the grounds of Malsis School at Glusburn will be considered next week.

Outline proposals to build five houses to the west of the school buildings will go before Craven Council’s planning committee on Monday.

Another plan for 41 homes at the eastern end of the school grounds, re-submitted last month, could be decided in May.

Both sets of plans would be an ‘enabling development’, allowing the school to pay for urgently-needed repairs to listed buildings costing more than £500,000.

The planning committee refused both applications in November because members said the larger one would have an adverse impact on the heritage setting and the smaller one was unacceptable because of its isolated position.

But Malsis headmaster, Marcus Peel, said approval of the plans was “absolutely crucial” to the survival of the school.

“This is very important to us and would enable the school to survive well into the future,” he added.

Coun Philip Barrett said: “I’m pleased Malsis has re-submitted its planning applications.

“The Malsis School Trust’s agent has clearly been working hard to overcome the previous reasons for refusal by improving the indicative design of these outline applications, and proposing additional landscaping to protect the environmental setting.”