Action is being demanded to tackle damage caused by vehicles in a village main street.

Bollards and even speed-calming devices have been smashed by motorists passing through Stanbury.

Now the area’s councillors are calling for urgent repairs.

And the Worth Valley ward politicians have criticised Bradford Council for its “slow” response to complaints about the dangers posed by heavy and fast-moving vehicles in the village.

Coun Glen Miller, who is also the Tory group leader on the local authority, said: “We have complained several times but there seems to be little sign of urgency from the council.

“Residents are concerned. Damage caused to bollards and other street furniture is clearly not being treated as a priority, as appears to be the case with the fact these incidents are continuing to happen.

“We are fully aware the council conducts traffic surveys and accident counts to prioritise which road-safety measures and repair works it will undertake but there is clearly a problem here that is not receiving adequate attention.”

He added: “There has recently been more damage to the speed-reduction measures installed years ago and this is not a matter we shall be allowing to fall on to a back burner.

“We are requesting urgent action to repair damage and whatever measures are appropriate to prevent future incidents.”

Bradford Council says road safety is of “paramount” importance but that schemes had to be prioritised.

“Highway repair works and road safety measures are prioritised on the basis of detailed studies and reports – so the most urgent can be completed the most quickly to have the maximum possible effect when it comes to reducing risks,” said a spokesman.

“We would like to be able to carry out necessary repairs immediately to any damaged speed-reduction measures in the district, but severe budget constraints imposed by central government mean we have to work on the basis of priorities.

“If any such damage causes a danger to the public then it becomes an absolute priority to repair immediately.

“Decisions on priority implementation of repairs have been delegated to the Keighley Area Committee so local councillors can be involved in making them.

“Speed-limit enforcement is the responsibility of the police.”

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