Plans to massively extend a traffic-calming zone in Braithwaite and Guard House have been welcomed by a town councillor.

Coun Brian Morris hopes road humps along North Dean Road and North Dean Avenue will put the brakes on speeding drivers.

He said the roads, together with the main routes through the estate, were regularly used as a rat-run.

He believes the speed-reducing humps should be extended to nearby West Lane, the busiest road taking drivers into Keighley from Braithwaite and Laycock.

Coun Morris said: “The existing road speed humps have slowed cars down but some people take the view when they finish the humps they can speed up.

“Living in West Lane I see the way traffic comes up and down – it’s phenomenal. At night they race on both sides of the road to Keighley Tarn. There’s going to be a fatality.”

Bradford Council plans to provide 22 blacktop cushions along North Dean, adding to similar humps installed along most of North Dean Road several years ago.

There will be ten new cushions in North Dean Road, next to numbers 10, 52, and 72, and near Greenfield Court. There will be 12 cushions in North Dean Avenue, next to numbers 4, 20, 36, 54, 49, and 71.

Ward councillor Adrian Farley welcomed the speed bumps.

He said: “Residents in the immediate area should notice less traffic noise and pedestrians should be safer. As with the majority of traffic schemes, you please six and annoy half a dozen.”