Life has been transformed for a Keighley mum of two after she lost weight with support from Bradford District Care Trust.

Shahnaz Ali had been suffering from swollen feet and back pain and was referred by her GP – who recommended she shed weight – to the care trust’s health trainer service.

She attended sessions during a two-month period.

Now Shahnaz has cut out chocolates and crisps and is exercising more. Her health has improved and she has dropped from an extra large to medium dress size.

“At first I found it hard and had cravings for pop, takeaways and chocolate,” she said.

“I would have breakfast, lunch and tea with a glass of cola and would even take a two-litre bottle of cola to bed – it was empty by the morning. I actually didn’t know what water tasted like. My health trainer Yasmin told me I could take small steps and work towards a gradual approach to help make changes to my lifestyle. This was much easier for me to come to terms with.

“I still have some way to go and enjoy the occasional treat but I’m trying to exercise more. Instead of taking the car into town, I walk. I go swimming and play badminton once a week. It’s completely new me.”

Shahnaz has also completed a sponsored eight-mile walk in aid of Manorlands.

“Without Yasmin’s help and support there was no chance I would ever have taken part,” she said. “My family has been really supportive and has benefited as a result of changes to my diet.

“We all eat much more fruit and vegetables. My two daughters only drink pop as a treat now and really enjoy helping to cook healthy meals.”

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