Airedale Hospital bosses have said premises that are not owned by the hospital need to be “fit for purpose” when they are used for patient appointments.

At their latest board meeting, managers responded to concerns raised by one patient who attended an appointment with a dietician.

Director of nursing Rob Dearden told colleagues the patient had said she was happy with the clinical side of her experience but was uncomfortable by the lack of reception staff in what was a relatively isolated location.

Mr Dearden said that this issue had since been resolved, with an agreement to extend the hours of reception cover.

He added improvements had been made at other non-Airedale Hospital sites, where patients had reported problems such as a lack of parking and poorly laid out reception areas.

Non-executive director David Adam said: “If we’re using buildings we have no control over, and it’s a key part of our strategy to use these satellite sites, we do need these properties to be fit for patient care.”