Airedale Hospital is seeking new public governors.

Seven seats are up for grabs, covering areas including Keighley Central, Keighley West and South Craven.

Colin Millar, chairman of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Most people become governors because they are interested in putting something back into their community.

“Their role is to ensure the non-executive directors account for the performance of the board by asking the right questions and considering reports on how the trust is working.

“They also represent the interests of the public and members, so need to devote time to finding out what they think.”

Candidates must be a trust member, aged 16 or over and live in the area they want to represent.

Contact the Electoral Reform Services on 0208 8899203, e-mail or text 2FT AD and your name and address to 88802 for a nomination form. Deadline is April 10.

E-mail or call 01535 294540 for further information.