A father and son who attacked an angry man when he confronted them at their home were today sentenced at Bradford Crown Court.

Derrick Gill, 48, and Liam Ewbank, 20, pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding Sam Mileham at their flat in Parkwood Rise, Keighley, on September 1 last year.

Prosecutor John Topham said Mr Mileham was hit twice on the head with the hammer, fracturing his eye socket.

The court was told that he had downed ten cans of lager before going to the defendants’ flat in the afternoon.

Mr Mileham accused Gill of buying a boy’s phone off him for £40 and Gill denied this.

Once Mr Mileham was inside the flat, Gill picked up a hammer and assaulted him, Mr Topham said.

His son was said to have thrown punches at him.

Mr Mileham hid under a kitchen unit before leaving the flat and running, bleeding into Keighley town centre where a passer-by called 999.

The court heard that father and son denied that he had been to their flat but his blood was found in the kitchen.

Stephen Wood, Gill’s barrister, said he had not been looking for any trouble.

“He was sitting at home peacefully when confronted by an angry drunk,” Mr Wood said.

Giles Bridge said Ewbank played a lesser role in the attack.

Gill was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with supervision and a high level activity requirement with the probation service.

His son was sentenced to a community order with 120 hours of unpaid work.

Both were ordered to pay £200 towards the cost of the case.