Campaigners in Keighley urged political parties to make addressing low pay a priority.

They manned a Trades Union Congress stall in Keighley town centre, and encouraged people to sign a petition supporting their cause.

They have previously highlighted the statistic showing that one in four workers in Keighley constituency are paid below the living wage – £7.65 an hour for places in the UK outside London.

The campaigners’ stall was in Low Street on Saturday.

Yorkshire and Humber TUC policy and campaigns officer Neil Foster said: “We’re trying to get employers who can afford it to pay the living wage.

“It’s not just important for individuals. People would have more money to spend in local shops, so there’s an economic case as well as a moral case.”

Also at the stall was John Grogan, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Keighley. He said the statistics were shocking.

“People recognise this is a question of justice,” he added. “It’s about people getting a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”