A Steeton couple’s protracted wait for a phone landline is finally at an end.

David and Diane Hall, who moved into their newly-built home in Meadow Grove more than six months ago, say they were in touch with BT on more than 20 occasions to try and get connected. Some of their neighbours have also been left without landlines and broadband for months.

The Keighley News featured their plight last Thursday, and the following morning, Mr Hall’s phone line was finally connected.

“It’s like we’re back to being part of the 21st century!” he said.

Speaking on Monday, he added he and his wife are still waiting for their broadband internet service, but are hoping to have it sorted out this week.

The couple had previously paid £140 for 12 months worth of BT Openreach landline and internet provision.

Mr Hall, 60, said: “If Openreach had started liaising with the housing developers from day one to get the infrastructure in place, this would have taken days instead of six months.”

A BT spokesman has apologised to the couple. She explained civil engineering work encountered several major technical problems, which delayed the connection process.