Haworth Primary School pupils were due to stage two showings of a lively production of the Easter story in Haworth Parish Church yesterday.

Youngsters took part in a dress rehearsal for Roll Back The Stone in the church on Tuesday.

The Easter concert has been directed by year five class teacher Frances Lavia.

Haworth Primary head teacher Helen Thompson said: “The children have taken part in their first run-through in costume and they did very well. They really brought it to life and I’m proud of all of them.

“We wanted to create a real community feeling, with all the older pupils working together and the parents and younger pupils going to watch the concert.

“The year five children have been leading the performances, with all the other key stage two pupils supporting them with the singing.”

She also paid tribute to the work of school site manager Paul Plant and gardener Steve Thorpe, who set up the stage, lighting and sound equipment in the church.

Pianist David Root was thanked for his musical accompaniment.