A Haworth-based radio station that proposed a village-wide public address system to accompany the Tour de France says it has been “sidelined”.

Graham Smith, who runs the online Bronte Radio service, said he no longer intended to stage the PA system in Haworth this July, adding continuing uncertainty about funding support made it impossible for him to put proper plans in place.

“We feel we’ve been sidelined, having been instrumental in helping to achieve Tour de France hub status for Haworth and having been co-operative with those charged with pulling the whole thing together,” he said.

“After being told our project was central to plans for Haworth Park, centred around the new bandstand where there are electrical facilities, we were informed that if we did gain funding, we’d have to go next to the toilets, where there is a plug.

“This was because we’d otherwise interfere with the planned entertainment. Surely good sense would have meant the scripted commentary would have been integrated with live entertainment at the bandstand? Apparently not.”

Mr Smith, who lives in Sun Street, emphasised Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council had been very supportive of his radio station’s plans.

He added he did receive “hints” Bradford Council might be prepared to help fund the PA system venture, but never received any confirmation of this.

“I was ready to do something for the community, not for personal gain,” he said.

“But now the park will be getting a big television screen funded by the Tour de France, it seems a PA system has become surplus to requirements.

“I’m sure the park will look great that weekend, but the first project to be put forward and that was given support locally is now not going to happen.”

Bradford Council did not respond to requests for a comment by the time the Keighley News went to press.