Craig Dyson will still build his Tour de France sculpture in Haworth even if he does not reach his funding target.

The young sculptor made the pledge this week as he realised the £14,500 target is unlikely to be reached by today’s deadline.

Craig was still holding out hope a wealthy benefactor might come forward with the balance of the money he needs for his public art project.

But he stressed he had a “plan B” to ensure the project – to weld 2p coins into a giant sphere – could go ahead in some form.

He said: “The way the community has got behind it has been staggering – I’ve been through an emotional rollercoaster.

“I know I have to create a legacy piece for the Tour de France, but it might not have to be so ambitious.

“I’m donating five weeks of my time to make sure I can get the work finished.”

Craig needs 10,000 2p coins to create his sphere, and he said several thousand had been donated by Clayton youngster Charlie Dawson and his school friends.

He added: “I’m comfortable we will get the 2ps needed. Every one that’s been donated will be used.”