Food was distributed to needy Keighley people last Friday from a Bracken Bank community centre.

The new food bank at the Sue Belcher Centre is run by volunteers who live in and around the estate.

Michelle Blackler, from nearby Damems, set up the food bank to help local people in crisis.

Food was donated by several local supermarkets and any perishable food left over was given to a Keighley hostel.

Alex Brown, a volunteer at the Sue Belcher Centre, said people were referred to the food bank by local charities.

He said organisers planned to approach local GP surgeries to ask if health-care professionals knew of any other people who would benefit.

Mr Brown said: “It’s not just people on housing estates now. People everywhere need food banks. People in work have had pay freezes for four or five years, their bills are galloping and they’re getting caught by the bedroom tax.

“Then there are people in part-time work trying to balance the books with an income that fluctuates week by week.”

Anyone interested in supporting the food bank should call Michelle on 07944 992856.