A courageous Indian Ocean rescue resulted in an unexpected windfall for a Cross Roads-based charity.

Newlyweds James and Samantha Leather gave £110 to Yorkshire Cat Rescue – money which James received from a grateful Chinese swimmer whom he had rescued in the sea off the Maldives.

He and his wife knew about the charity’s work, because they adopted a stray cat called Arthur from its shelter back in 2011.

The Brighouse couple were in the Maldives last month for their honeymoon, and on March 12 they spotted a man in difficulty in the sea.

Samantha said: “The man was shouting for help and we could see he was going under.

“Luckily, James has done a life-saving course. He didn’t hesitate – within seconds he had dived into the sea and was swimming out to try and rescue him.

“James got to him just in time, and when he grabbed him he was going under again. A minute later and it would have been a very different story.”

She added that the Chinese holidaymaker called, Cabell Wu, had been understandably grateful, and insisted on offering the £110 as a token of thanks.

Samantha added: “Neither James nor I wanted to accept money, so we compromised and it was agreed the payment would be a donation to a charity of our choice.

“We hope it will make a difference and support the amazing work Yorkshire Cat Rescue does.”

Charity founder Sara Atkinson said: “We are so impressed by the story behind this gift. The donation will pay for neutering of two male cats, and save more lives by preventing needless births.”