A town council could be formed taking in villages including Crossflatts.

Bingley Community Council Group (BCCG) is seeking the creation of a body covering Bingley, Cottingley, Crossflatts, Eldwick, Gilstead and Micklethwaite.

The local authority would take the form of a town, parish or community council with elected, unpaid councillors, and would be in addition to, not a replacement for, Bradford Council.

“It’s time Bingley and its five neighbouring communities had a voice,” said BCCG chairman, Ros Dawson.

“A local council would provide that voice, be a forum where residents could raise and discuss issues that matter to the place they live in and put forward views to district and other authorities.

“It would also support and connect the many voluntary and community organisations that are already doing so much positive work in the town and surrounding areas. The vision we have is to improve the health, wealth and environment of our communities.”

BCCG is seeking public input into the creation of a council.

Mrs Dawson added: “There is a stringent process that must be followed to create a council and, of course, the proposal needs the backing of local people, so our first task will be to find out if there is an appetite for a new local council.”

Visit Bingleyccg.org.uk or the group’s Facebook page Bingley Council Group for further information.