A report on the expenses of Craven District Council members was delayed until the appointment of a new officer, councillors have been told.

An audit and governance committee meeting was informed no progress had been made on the report, which was intended to provide clarity for councillors and officers for the reimbursement of mileage and subsistence.

It was decided it would be undertaken by the democratic services manager when the officer started this month.

Other issues thrown up earlier this year by internal auditors – including un-named councillors putting in late and wrong claims – have been righted.

One councillor had paid back £15.50 for alcoholic beverages, while another had repaid £23.42 ‘received in error’. Late claims, of more than six months, were now referred to the acting finance manager, who will discuss it with the councillor and decide whether or not to pay it.

However, action still needs to be carried out on some issues, including evidence needed where members claimed mileage to meetings to prevent fraudulent claims. Councillors are still not submitting petrol receipts in order for the council to reclaim VAT, and some are not supplying the council every year with up-to-date copies of their driving licences and insurance details.