Bradford Council has applied to carry out a scheme to complete the restoration of a closed landfill site near Cross Roads.

The local authority wants to tidy up and enhance the landscape at Sugden End, which was used for waste disposal between 1964 and 1998.

In a report accompanying its planning application, the council states: “The development is aimed at producing long-term sustainable landscape for grassland pasture use, incorporating moorland and woodlands, as well as measures for managing the surface water run-off from the site.

“This solution offers a landscape that will complement the local environment, satisfy needs for livestock grazing and be environmentally beneficial in the long term.”

The report adds if it is approved, the scheme will include laying down new layers of soil, and making sure leakages of contaminated material from the landfill can continue to be intercepted.

New trees and other vegetation will be planted, and there will also be construction of fencing and dry-stone walls to form separate fields for pasture purposes.

The council officers add that since dumping at Sugden End ceased 16 years ago, the waste dumped there will now have settled enough to make the ground stable enough for a final restoration project.