Pupils were rewarded for their enthusiastic participation in a project to give them a taste of what jobs they might want to do one day.

Aire View Infant School youngsters dressed in gowns and mortar boards for a university-style graduation ceremony.

They have all taken part in an initiative called Aire View University, in which visitors have come to school to help stage a huge variety of extra-curricular activities.

Pupils could complete sessions focusing on areas such as first aid, fashion and beauty, drama and sewing.

Younger children were offered gardening, cooking, den-making and a pets club. The latter featured visits from a vet, the RSPCA and a dog groomer.

Assistant headteacher Tim White-head said: “We’re trying to give the children a first-hand idea of what they might like to do when they are older.

“It’s also about involving parents and the local community in the school.

“It’s been a huge success and we hope to extend this further.

“Next half-term we hope to invite a florist into the school to run a club, and a parent who is an accountant will run a business club.”