School pupils made good use of Cliffe Castle Museum’s grounds by taking part in an annual charity fun run.

Holy Family Catholic School students participated to raise money for the organisation Catholic Care.

Dave Metcalfe, assistant headteacher at Holy Family, said: “Having the park so close is a great additional facility. Unfortunately, it was too wet underfoot to use the cross-country track, which was a disappointment to the serious runners among us. Instead we marked out a course along the paths.”

Pupils from years seven and eight ran, walked, hopped, piggy-backed and ultimately limped around the course. About £1,900 in sponsorship money has been pledged.

Mr Metcalfe added: “The fun run is one of our two large annual events to fundraise for our partner charities.

“It is important we offer the students some notion of working for the common good in assisting those who are in need.

“We also aim to help them realise it is okay to have fun while they are doing that. Charity work does not have to be poker-faced and serious, however serious the cause.”