Extras and film crews descended on the centre of Haworth to produce a television advertisement due to be screened this summer.

The team from Gate Films were busy in Main Street last Thursday morning for a Vauxhall advert, which will be shown during the football World Cup in Brazil.

A Vauxhall spokesman said: “This is a football-themed brand advert, as Vauxhall is one of the home nations sponsors for the World Cup.”

Main Street trader Nikki Carroll said she and her neighbours were informed earlier in the week filming would be taking place from 10am to midday.

“It’s been quite spectacular and interesting to watch,” she added. “They’ve brought in 50 extras to play the part of proud fans cheering on the England team.

“The letter we received said they had chosen Haworth for the filming to represent an idyllic, English country village.”

Parish councillor Angel Kershaw said the filming did cause some minor disruption, with the film crew offering to pay a taxi fare for one resident who was unable to get her car out during the shoot!

“They weren’t being intentionally obstructive – they were just trying to work in what is quite a small, confined space,” she said.

“I went down and spoke to them and the location manager was very nice and was apologetic to anyone who might have been inconvenienced.”