Hundreds of leaflets have been distributed across Keighley urging people not to travel to Syria to get involved in the conflict there.

Counter-terrorism police are concerned people heading to the war-torn country for humanitarian reasons could become embroiled in terrorist activities.

They are also pointing out the dangers of being attacked by the Assad regime, being kidnapped by terrorists or witnessing events so disturbing they can cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

The North East Counter Terrorism Unit has distributed 2,000 leaflets across West Yorkshire, including hundreds locally, warning people of the dangers. They have been dropped off by the district’s neighbourhood policing teams at locations such as community centres.

Helen Ball, senior national co-ordinator of counter-terrorism, said the leaflet appeal is about preventing tragedies and not about criminalising people.

“We are increasingly concerned about the numbers of young people who have, or are intending to travel to Syria to join the conflict,” she said.

“We want to ensure people, particularly women concerned about their loved ones, are given enough information about what they can do to prevent this from happening.”