Councillors have approved plans for a stone cutting shed at Branshaw Quarry, on the western fringes of Keighley.

The proposals were considered by members of Bradford’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee at last Thursday’s meeting, where they went along with Council officers’ recommendation that plans for the Holme House Lane site be accepted.

A total of 34 residents had also objected to the application. Together with opposition from Keighley Town Council, objectors cited fears about industrial-type noise, increased numbers of heavy goods vehicles and damaging effects on wildlife.

But the applicant, Ashlar Stone Products, argued a noise assessment showed the proposed operation would not increase existing background levels.

The company also pointed out the 480 square metre shed would be situated in the bottom of the quarry, so it will not be visible from the surrounding area.

The Council planning officer’s own written report on the plans noted as long “stringent” conditions were imposed, the development should not have a harmful impact on its surroundings.

The report added: “The noise generated would be unlikely to cause unacceptable harm to the amenity of local residents, particularly given the limited daytime weekday hours of operation proposed.”

Commenting after the meeting, one of the objectors, Laycock resident Michael Birdsall, said: “We were having to look at the worst-case scenario that might occur if this was approved, which is why we were objecting.

“We were very concerned, but having had the chance to meet with the applicant after the meeting, those concerns have been greatly reduced. He did give us a lot of assurances.”