Julie Baxter hopes to make a clean sweep in the Emergency Depart-ment appeal!

She is the department’s domestic assistant and is responsible for keeping assessment and treatment areas clean and hygienic.

Much of Julie’s time is spent in the waiting areas making sure they are comfortable and clean for the thousands of patients who visit the department every month.

Recently she has noticed it is becoming more difficult to keep the waiting areas clean due to the small pieces of toys and games that come loose.

Julie said: “Some of the toys donated to the ward are getting very old and starting to break, so unfortunately I have to throw them away.

“Jigsaws and games with parts are also really hard to clean, so I am asking kindly that if anyone wants to donate toys to the appeal, please make sure they are not in small parts or easily broken.

“The best type of toys we can suggest are the ones that come as a self-contained unit without parts that can get broken and lost.”

Julie only works on the Emergency Department ward and is keen to make sure the children’s waiting area is as safe and clean as possible.