The team responsible for filming a World Cup television advertisement for Vauxhall damaged setts in Haworth’s historic Main Street, according to ward councillors.

District member Rebecca Poulsen and parish councillor Angel Kershaw said a vehicle or lighting rig left a gouge in the setts near the Black Bull pub.

Coun Kershaw added: “These are setts replaced not so long ago at considerable cost, so it’s rather annoying this has happened.

“It’s really important we preserve these setts for as long as possible, given they’re an important part of Haworth’s heritage.

“They are one of the things visitors to the village like to see, so we don’t want them damaged again.”

The film crew was in Haworth on April 24, shooting a Vauxhall advert to be screened during the football World Cup in Brazil.

The brand advert featured dozens of extras cheering on the England team, and Haworth was chosen as a backdrop to represent an idyllic English country village.

Coun Poulsen said: “As ward councillors, we hadn’t been told this advert was going to be filmed here.

“They’ve gashed some of the setts near the Black Bull, so I’m not impressed at all.

“I’ve contacted the council to ask when this damage will be repaired, and I hope they will bill Vauxhall for it. I don’t see why the taxpayer should have to pay for this.”

A spokesman for Vauxhall said: “We were up in Haworth filming, but we had not been made aware of any problems. We will be investigating this complaint further.”

The Main Street setts were the subject of a major Bradford Council restoration project costing more than £600,000. It began in 2011 after Haworth parish councillors drew attention to the increasingly battered and hazardous condition of the setts, which will form part of this summer’s Tour de France Grand Depart cycle race route.