Delays in replacing streetlamps on a busy Ingrow road are causing danger and fuelling crime, claims a shopkeeper.

David Mortimer is angry the stretch of Ingrow Lane next to Bracken Bank Stores has been in darkness for several weeks.

He said roadworks next to the half-finished lamp-posts are obstructing the pavement and snarling up traffic.

Matters came to a head on Friday when vandals attacked Mr Mortimer’s shop with pieces of fence they had snatched from the roadworks.

He said: “They threw it against my window a couple of times – there was no damage done but it disturbed my tenants above.”

Mr Mortimer believes the attack came directly as a result of Ingrow Lane being in the dark.

He said workers started in March to replace existing street lights, and large holes were dug in the pavement on April 25, in readiness for cable connection.

He said: “No work appears to have been carried out since this date.

“No signals have been put in place to slow traffic down. It’s quite chaotic during busy periods.

“The obstructions are causing our store to lose trade as it is difficult for customers to stop outside the shop.

“Customers have mentioned how dark it is when they are commuting to work.”

A spokesman for Bradford Council’s street lighting department confirmed work to replace the lighting columns had begun early this year, and all columns were installed.

He added: “The lanterns were ordered at the end of last year, but we didn’t receive confirmation of a delivery date.

“When this was chased up in February, the equipment was re-ordered and a six to eight weeks delivery was expected.

“We have had similar problems before with this manufacturer since it moved its plant to Europe last year.

“We’re chasing this again and are currently in discussions to resolve such problems for the future.”