A club attended by a teenager who survived a rare form of cancer has raised cash for the organisation that helped him by staging a 24-hour table tennis marathon.

Dozens of youngsters and adults took part in the event overnight Saturday into Sunday at Keighley Table Tennis and Recreational Centre, which is the home of Haworth Hawks Table Tennis Club.

Participants raised at least £1,100, of which at least a quarter will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust. This charity helped 18-year-old Cross Roads teen Jethro Rainford after he was diagnosed with bone cancer in February 2010.

Jethro had his big toe and part of his right foot amputated, but has recovered and is still able to play table tennis. His mother, Shirley Rainford, was present for the end of the successful marathon in the Keighley Business Centre.

“Jethro isn’t here because he’s just done his gold Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition and his foot is still sore, so it’s a case of not pushing it too far,” she said. “Because of the sort of lad he is, if he’d come along he would have wanted to do the full 24 hours!”

Jethro, a former Parkside School pupil, is now an A-level student at North Halifax Grammar School and is planning to study medical biology.

Cowling resident, Judith Silberberg, who is on the club’s management committee, said 70 people had been involved in the marathon, with six adults and six young people playing for the full day.

The marathon included an incredible 1,163-hit rally, with the ball kept in continuous play by head coach Andy Bray and 12-year-old Spencer Hurd.

“We’ve played with different implements – instead of bats we’ve been using books, empty water bottles and tennis rackets,” she said.

Fellow club member, Mandy Sutter, said: “It’s gone brilliantly – it’s been great to have raised so much money.” She added the cash that does not go to the Teenage Cancer Trust will be used for the club’s running costs.

Mr Bray, who is from Oakworth, said: “It’s been fantastic. Everyone battled through the night, and the hours between 2am and 6am this morning were the hardest. It was enjoyable but hard work.”