A Keighley company has plunged new depths – and it’s delighted.

Osiris Marine Services has completed the world’s first commercial Nitrox diver training course at the Underwater Centre in Fort William.

The course – written by the Underwater Centre with consultant support from James Ridgeway, of Osiris – trains divers in the use of enriched air Nitrox for off-shore commercial applications.

“To have a Keighley company at the heart of this innovative project is fantastic news for the company and the Yorkshire region,” said Mr Ridgeway, who will continue to support the course’s development as a consultant.

He added: “We invest heavily in our team to ensure our company consistently provides competent people to any job site, and we push to build on our workforce, of which 70 per cent are Yorkshire-born.”

Osiris’ general diving manager, Kevin Hood, said: “This training gives our team a good all-round understanding of diving on Nitrox to a standard that meets industry approval.”