Residents are exploring the possibility of creating a war memorial in Glusburn or Cross Hills.

The idea originated from the concept of holding a dedication day during Glusburn Fallfest to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War.

“We wanted to look at the effects of the war on the lives of people living in Glusburn or Cross Hills,” said David Birks, of Walker Close in Glusburn.

So far, Mr Birks has found the names of 51 men in the parish who died during the conflict.

His research started a few months ago, and he has discovered many of the men who were born or lived in the two villages are remembered on nearby memorials in Kildwick, Silsden and Sutton, while some are not listed on any. He has also found several names on the Craven’s Part In The Great War website.

The original idea was to display the findings at Glusburn Institute as part of the Fallfest in September, but Glusburn and Cross Hills Parish Council has now formed a sub-committee to find a location for a war memorial in either of the villages.

“We’d like to organise a site for a war memorial or plaque that would be a way of commemorating those people who fell,” said parish council vice-chairman, Councillor Patrick Hargreaves. “There are negotiations going on about a site.”

He said possible locations are Glusburn Park, amenity land opposite Cirteq or a site in Main Street, opposite the Beech Street junction, which has a garden area owned by Craven District Council.

Coun Hargreaves said funding for a new memorial could come from grants, with some money being provided by the parish council.

Mr Birks’ research has revealed the following names for possible inclusion on the memorial: Thomas Allsop, Albert Backhouse, Charlie Berry, Albert Binns, Lewis Binns, George Bland, John Bland, Frank Bottomley, Fred Bottomley, Oscar Brown, Fred Carlton, Harold Cowgill, Tom Davey, Ben Freeman, Tom Friend, Ralph Gladstone, Arthur Happs, Smith Hardaker, Arthur Hargreaves, Maurice Hargreaves, Thomas Harker, Richard Heseltine, James Hodkinson, George Holroyd, Cedric Horsfall, Percy Jones, James Mosley, Richard Oldfield, James Henry Peel, Charles Petty, John Read, Robert Richardson, John Riley, Edward Sams, George Sanderson, Algy Shuttleworth, Harold Shuttleworth, Lot Shuttleworth, David Smith, John Smith, John Allen Smith, Thomas Stephens, John Stow, Francis Thompson, Tom Thompson, Matthew Towers, Thomas Upton, Harry Walton and Herbert Watson.

If anyone has information about names on the list, or who believes they are related to any of the above, e-mail Coun Hargreaves at or call (01535) 632697. Alternatively, e-mail Mr Birks at david.birks or contact him on (01535) 634097.