One of Keighley’s senior politicians is furious protesters door-stepped his family home as part of a controversial campaign against child sex grooming gangs.

Khadim Hussain, the Lord Mayor of Bradford, said his wife and daughters felt “intimidated” by the surprise visit from members of Britain First on Saturday.

He was shocked the political activists filmed the encounter, loading it on their website. Police attended, but no action was taken.

A spokesman for the group, which denies it is racist, claims it simply wanted face-to-face talks.

Coun Hussain says when Britain First called at his terraced home in central Keighley, he was in Bradford attending a charity event.

He added: “It’s intimidation and not acceptable when they get into your private life.

“My daughter said I wasn’t there but they demanded she get me. They continued filming.”

The incident followed visits by Britain First members to about ten mosques in Bradford to protest against what the group alleges is sexual grooming of young girls by gangs of Muslims.

Britain First, which campaigns as a Christian-based political party, tried to present British Army Bibles to mosque leaders.

Britain First’s film – posted on its website – portrays visits to both the mosques and Coun Hussain’s house.

The website describes Saturday’s activity as the start of its “Yorkshire brigade”, stating it will be the first of many such operations across the county.

Coun Hussain has spoken out against child sex grooming on countless occasions, and has praised police action against offenders.

But he received a phone call on Saturday afternoon from a Britain First representative requesting a meeting about the issue.

He added: “He said he wanted to talk to me about sexual exploitation. I suggested he call my office.”

Within an hour, his family called him to say the Britain First group had been to his house.

Britain First spokesman, James Dowson, told the Keighley News the group had only called at Coun Hussain’s home because he had refused earlier requests for a face-to-face meeting.

Mr Dowson added: “These people are constituents who live in his area. He must meet his constituents. He represents the people.

“We are not a racist group. We genuinely are religious and we are political.”

Police attended the address following the incident.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Nicholson said: “We can confirm a small group of people called at an address in Keighley at about 3.30pm on Saturday.

“Police attended shortly afterwards and found everything to be in order.

“An investigation into the activities of this group remains ongoing.”

Britain First’s visit to Bradford mosques this week prompted a top-level police investigation, and the group’s actions were widely condemned by political and faith leaders.

Superintendent Ramzan Mohayuddin, of Bradford District Police, said officers were assessing the content of Britain First’s leaflets and the manner they were distributed.

He added: “We are working closely with our local community and religious partners to keep them informed of our investigation, and if any offences have been committed, appropriate action will be taken.”

In a joint statement, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaders on Bradford Council stated: “We stand together to condemn strongly this outrageous behaviour by outside agitators in some mosques during the weekend.

“All houses of worship should be treated with respect by all members of every community, regardless of their faith or culture, and anybody who enters any house of worship must abide by the rules of that religion.

“An attack on any house of worship is an attack on everyone and the whole of Bradford district. We will not tolerate any place of worship being disrupted in an aggressive way and subject to disrespect.

“All right-thinking Bradfordians will reject Britain First’s deliberate, provocative attempt to try to create division and hatred.”