Shoppers responded enthusiastically to a day to promote ethical trade staged in Keighley’s Airedale Shopping Centre.

The centre hosted activities on Saturday to mark World Fairtrade Day.

The Fairtrade Keighley group organised stalls where people were able to sample a range of ethically sourced products, including toiletries, fruit, cooking ingredients and coffee. Volunteers also handed out a directory, listing all the local businesses that sell or use Fairtrade goods.

Shopping-centre manager Steve Seymour, who is on the Fairtrade Keighley steering committee, said: “We were quite surprised with how knowledgeable a lot of the people were about Fairtrade.

“Many of those we spoke to were already converts but there were still some people who had the mistaken idea Fairtrade products are expensive or unobtainable.

“People are prepared to buy these items. It’s just a case of putting them in front of them so they don’t have to go searching around.”