Plans to build 54 homes on a flood plain near the railway line in Cross Hills have been withdrawn.

Harron Homes was seeking to build a range of one, two, three, four and five-bedroom detached, semi-detached and terrace properties on land at Ashfield Farm, off Skipton Road.

The controversial application, submitted in January, has been withdrawn by the developer. A Craven Council spokesman said: “Insufficient information had been submitted to fully assess the application.”

She said the information concerned the sequential test, which steered new development to areas with the lowest probability of flooding.

Ward councillor Philip Barrett said: “I’m very pleased this contentious planning application for 54 houses at Ashfield Far has now been withdrawn.

“To even suggest building on a green field site in this location, which is on a flood plain, was totally wrong.

“The increased traffic generated from the housing would have also exacerbated the serious traffic congestion at the level crossing that already exists and jeopardised the future option to bridge the railway line and reopen the station.

“I hope the developer now walks away from this site.”

And fellow ward councillor, Graham Beck, said: “A new development would affect any future plans for a strategic level crossing and railway station. You have to think about that going forward, but there is also flooding and the ridiculous traffic congestion for residents who live down there.”

Harron Homes declined to make a comment.