Haworth children are creating a ‘scratch orchestra’ to perform during Keighley Festival.

Pupils from the village primary school are learning to play a piece by ear rather than using sheet music.

Those who do not have an instrument of their own are using whatever they can find in the school’s cupboards. The resulting piece of music – based on the theme from 1980s movie The Mission – will be performed during the festival’s annual One Amazing Night schools concert on July 10.

The children are working with festival chairman Malcolm Hanson, who admits he knows very little about music.

He said: “They are learning by ear and putting it together, substituting instruments where they have to. If there’s a dreary section of the original music, we’re jazzing it up.

“The first rehearsal was fantastic. They played the first section, and it was gorgeous.

“The children are really looking forward to playing at the concert. It shows what you can do if you turn things on their head.”

Haworth Primary School deputy headteacher, Caron Stone, said: “We had a wonderful first session, children working together using their musical skills. It’s developing their creativity.”