Politicians have reacted with dismay to the Court of Appeal decision to grant sadistic child killer Anwar Rosser a full hearing in his bid to overturn his whole-life prison sentence.

MP Philip Davies, who strongly supported the whole-life tariff given to Rosser, described the ruling as “very disappointing”.

“Virtually every right-minded person in the country would agree this person should never be let out of prison,” said the Conservative MP, whose Shipley constituency includes Culling-worth and Denholme.

“I am a firm believer a life sentence should mean life, and in a case with circumstances as vile as this one, there should not even be a debate.”

Councillor Jan Smithies, who represents Keighley West, the ward where Riley Turner’s family live, agrees Rosser deserved his whole-life sentence.

“He has a legal right to appeal, but it makes it extremely difficult for the family to move on from the tragedy and carry on with their lives,” she said.

“The judge obviously thought he was worthy of that sentence, and this appeal could cause worry in the community as to how much trust they can place in the sentencing process.”

Keighley Conservative MP Kris Hopkins did not want to comment ahead of the hearing, which will take place on a date to be set.