A group campaigning for fair taxi fares for disabled people is calling for new laws to be put into action.

People First Keighley and Craven has launched a petition calling on the government to enact a section of the Equality Act 2010.

The group, which is run by adults with learning disabilities, wants Keighley people to sign the Section 165 petition.

The clause would force taxi drivers carrying wheelchair users to charge the same fare as they charge able-bodied passengers.

Section 165 expects taxi drivers to provide extra help for disabled passengers – such as getting out their wheelchairs – without making additional charges.

Research by People First has shown many taxi drivers charge as much as double for disabled passengers.

Wheelchair user, Tom Walsh, who is leading the campaign, was recently filmed by the BBC taking undercover taxi trips to expose discriminatory practices.

The controversy centres on the need for wheelchair users to travel in larger, adapted taxis, which often incur higher fares because they can carry more people.

Mr Walsh said the new Equality Act came into force in 2010, bringing together 116 separate pieces of legislation.

He added: “The new act simplifies, strengthens and harmonises the legislation to provide Britain with a new discrimination law, which protects individuals from unfair treatment and promotes a fair and more equal society.

“The piece of legislation that protects people in wheelchairs from been overcharged has not yet come into play, so the government is allowing unscrupulous drivers to carry on taking financial advantage of wheelchair users and the disabled.

“Other transport services are able to accommodate disabled passengers, such as buses, trains, boats and airlines.”

E-mail peoplefirst@live.co.uk or call (01535) 607222 to sign the petition.