Keighley MP and ex-soldier Kris Hopkins is backing calls for a plaque to be erected in memory of a murdered serviceman.

He said it was "right and proper" for a permanent memorial to be provided to 25-year-old Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was run over and hacked to death near his Woolwich barracks in May last year.

Two men, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, were jailed for life earlier this year for the murder.

Mr Hopkins said a campaign for a memorial to Fusilier Rigby was supported by the soldier's family and had attracted widespread public backing, but was opposed by Woolwich council and the area's Labour MP.

Claims that a permanent memorial would encourage further acts of extremism are dismissed by Mr Hopkins, who served in Kenya, Germany and Northern Ireland with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.

“I simply do not accept the argument," he said.

"We cannot let the terrorists win. and by giving into this point of view that is precisely what we will be doing.

"Extremism, wherever it is found, must be challenged not pacified.

“There are memorials to victims of IRA terrorism in various parts of the UK, and it is right and proper that Lee Rigby should be remembered in the same way.”