A 22-YEAR-OLD man has been jailed for 16 months for robbing a cab driver after he was directed down a dead end at night.

Jordan Ward, of Greenfield Crescent, Cullingworth, seized Arif Rehman in a headlock while an accomplice grabbed his money bag containing £120 in cash, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Ward was one of five men who called the minicab, run by Kirkstall Taxis, to Leeds city centre and handed over £43.50 for the fare to Cullingworth on the night of November 10 last year.

Prosecutor Giles Bridge said Mr Rehman was directed down Highfield Terrace, a cul-de-sac in Cullingworth.

Ward, who was in the back seat, then grabbed him in a headlock, saying: "Where is the money?"

While he squeezed Mr Rehman's throat, the passenger in the front seat stole the night's takings and then both men fled the scene.

Mr Bridge said an innocent passenger in the cab with them was arrested and charged with robbery after his DNA was found in the vehicle.

Ward then gave himself up to the police, saying he was the assailant who grabbed Mr Rehman. He pleaded guilty to robbery.

Tracey Roberts said in mitigation that the offence was unplanned and opportunistic.

Ward had been drinking that night and his recollection of the events was unclear.

He conceded he had been stupid and he had since stopped drinking alcohol.

Ward had a steady job and was in a stable relationship.

He was very sorry and anxious to meet his victim, who was now in Pakistan, to apologise in person.

But Judge John Potter said it was a group robbery at night and Mr Rehman must have been terrified.