BRITAIN'S oldest teaching assistant has been sharing his memories of D-Day and the Second World War with pupils at the school where he has worked for the past 12 years.

Walter Evans marked the recent 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings by reminiscing about his time as a tank driver with a force of more than 200,0000 British, American and Canadian troops who helped to push the Germans back through France.

The spritely 92-year-old, who still works every weekday at Glusburn Primary School, said that he had no difficulty in remembering the events of seven decades ago - because they never really went away.

He said: "I find myself thinking about it often. It was just a matter of pure luck whether you lived or died. I look on it that I got a second life, which is one of the reasons I still absolutely love coming into school every single day."

Walter, who lives near the school in Glusburn, drove a bridging tank up the beach near Arromanches, designated Gold beach in the Allied invasion plan, as a member of the 8th Armoured Brigade.