YEAR ten school pupils from Keighley spent five days assisting sick and elderly pilgrims at a shrine in France.

The students and staff from Holy Family Catholic School travelled to Lourdes, where they linked up with other young people from St Bede’s School, in Bradford and St Michael’s School, in Watford.

The pupils pooled their talents to look after pilgrims from in and around Keighley, Bradford and London.

A spokesman for Holy Family said: "Our students pulled and pushed wheelchairs up and down the hills of Lourdes and generally helped with the everyday tasks of getting on with life.

"It was not all hard work though. Lourdes is at the foot of the Pyrenees and the surrounding countryside is stunning, so besides the religious aspects of the pilgrimage there was sightseeing and shopping to do.

"The students hosted a barbecue on the final evening for all the people that they had met and worked with in Lourdes."