HARDEN Children's Gala has been hailed by organisers as a success.

Crowds flocked to Saturday's event, which began as usual with a parade.

Activities at the Memorial Hall Park were opened by Gala Queen Tia Thompson and her attendants Lana and Nell Toehill, who also presented medals and prizes to the winners of the fancy dress, floats and children’s races at the end of the afternoon.

Gala committee member, Peter Bashforth, said: " After two or three years where the weather became the focus of the organisers' attention, it was relaxing to have a gala where we knew it would not rain – not only on the day itself but, equally importantly, in the days preceding the event.

"The ideal weather also appealed to the public, which supported the parade and gala in very large numbers. We feel that an indicator as to the succes or otherwise of the day is the length of time visitors remain on the field, and a majority stayed to the finish.

"This being the 41st gala, we had retained many of the traditional things which have been successful in the past. But we freshen things up from time to time and this year a rejuvenated 'motorway madness' was very popular and pony rides were successfully reintroduced."

The committee thanked everyone who helped with the event and those who attended.

Winners: fancy dress girls 1 Matilda Couzens, 2 Abigail Dunwell, 3 Molly and Mia Hollowood (CORRECT); fancy dress boys 1 Fraser Campbell MacDonald, 2 Oliver Hird; decorated prams 1 Celine Kicks, 2 Sonia Rhodes, 3 Nina Devine; decorated bicycles 1 Sidney Richardson, 2 Lilly Ainsworth, 3 Sophie Kershaw; walking tableaux 1 Harden Primary School, 2 Harden Pre School; float, Harden Players.

Flat races: U5 boys 1 Joseph Hopton, 2 Sidney Richardson, 3 Luke Downard; U5 girls 1 Neve Outy, 2 Aurelia Chamberlain, 3 Maddison Hayhurst; boys (5) 1 Harry Croasdale, 2 Archie Scarborough, 3 Jack Raper; girls (5) 1 Ava Barker, 2 Amy Bradley, 3 Poppy Knowlson; boys (6) 1 Zac Sherriffe, 2 LiamThompson, 3 Robbie Ambler; girls (6) 1 Katie Buckley, 2 Lillie Feather, 3 Kirsty Dunwell; boys (7) 1 Ryan Hutton, 2 Harrison Green, 3 Joe Williams; girls (7) 1 Gabrielle Parker, 2 Mollie McGurk, 3 Sophia Gledhill.

Potato and spoon: boys 1 Sandy Greenhorn, 2 Peter Quail, 3 Ewen Wilkinson; girls 1 Katie Buckley, 2 Sienna Kirkcarver, 3 Gabrielle Parker.

Sack races: U9 boys 1 Jack Avison, 2 Zac Sheriffe, 3 William Thompson; U9 girls 1 Megan Wilkinson, 2 Katie Buckley, 3 Sienna Kirkcarver; 9-12 boys 1 Leo Maitland, 2 Daniel Kaye, 3 James Sinfield; 9-12 girls 1 Lois Ambler, 2 Mya Hodgson, 3 Lucy Tweddle.

Wheelbarrow: boys 1 John Newton and Daniel Kaye, 2 Josh Overend and Leo Mairland, 3 William Moffatt and Roan Sheriffe; girls 1 Mya Hodgson and Sophie Barnett, 2 Poppy Batch and Lois Ambler, 3 Libby Chatman and Lucy Tweddle.

Three-legged: boys 1 Adam Wilson and Zak Ali, 2 Daniel Kaye and James Sinfield, 3 Josh Overend and Leo Maitland; girls 1 Poppy Batch and Lois Ambler, 2 Sophie Barnett and Mya Hodgson, 3 Sophie Feather and Annalise Fletcher.

Caterpillar races: girls Libby Chatman, Sophie Barnett, Lucy Tweddle and Annalise Fletcher; boys Adam Wilson, Zak Ali, Thomas Byers and Charley Kaye. Caterpillar Cup was won by the boys.