KEIGHLEY people can see official film of the Tour de France coming through Keighley on YouTube.

The footage was not seen on terrestrial TV in the UK because ITV switched to an advert break during the town centre stretch.

Film of the riders travelling along North Street and South Street was broadcast in some other countries.

Keighley man Tony Hargreaves found the footage on YouTube as part of a broadcast on the Sportza Live programme.

The seven-minute clip can be seen at

Mr Hargreaves, of Emily Street, said: “The spacing of the TV advert blocks and the unnecessary prize draw made it look like Keighley was deliberately excluded from the Tour filming.

“There are a few bits of film made by various people on YouTube and what I think is the actual footage that the rest of the world saw.”

“It’s mostly from the helicopter though. Most of Keighley seems to have been avoided but there is a bit of the zigzag onto South Street.”